MC 230 Printer


LocationMiddlesex College 230
ModelLexmark T640
DescriptionComputer Science undergraduate lab
Accessible ToComputer Science faculty, staff, and students
Undergraduate AccessFirst-year and above
Hole PunchNo


Black and white$0.05/page

This printer is managed by PaperCut.  Users must have funds in their PaperCut account to print.  Students can add funds online via credit card, or by purchasing pre-paid cards through Western Libraries.  Funds are usable anywhere PaperCut is used on campus.

Setup Guides

Windows (UWO Domain)

If you log in to your PC with your Western username and password, please see Installing a Printer on Windows (UWO domain).

Windows (Non-UWO Domain)

If you do not log in to your PC with your Western username and password, please see Installing a Printer on Windows (non-UWO domain).


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  1. Download and install the Lexmark T640 macOS printer driver .  
  2. Follow the instructions at Installing a Printer on macOS, noting the printer-specific steps below.

    Step 9

    Enter smb:// in the URL field

    Step 11Select Lexmark T640 in the Printer Software dialog box.

    Step 13

    In the printer options dialog, select the following values:

    TraysTray 1+2
    Envelope FeederNot Installed
    DuplexNot Installed
    Output BinsStandard Bin
    FlashNot Installed
    DiskNot Installed
    Output FinisherNot Installed
    Printer Memory640 MB Memory


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  1. Follow the instructions in Installing a Printer on Ubuntu, ignoring the instructions in the Prerequisites section about installing a driver.  The Lexmark T640 driver is included in Ubuntu.  Note the printer-specific steps below. 

    Step 4Enter in the SMB Printer field.

    Step 6Select Lexmark for the manufacturer of the printer.

    Step 7Select T640 from the Models list, and Lexmark T640 Foomatic/Postscript from the Drivers list.